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17.PDF file dah_ih51.pdf
Documentation of Abstinence/ Character/Substance Use - DOCUMENTATION OF ABSTINENCE/. CHARACTER/SUBSTANCE USE. A petitioner must provide at least three original letters from individuals who have ... | useConvert: abstinence charactersubstance documentation use
18.PDF file Kohler_2008.pdf
Abstinence-Only and Comprehensive Sex Education - Journal of ... - Original article. Abstinence-Only and Comprehensive Sex Education and the Initiation of Sexual Activity and Teen Pregnancy. Pamela K. Kohler, R.N., M.P.H.a ,c, ... | sexConvert: abstinence-only comprehensive education journal sex
19.PDF file 09e4150c5e89f76bdf000000.pdf
Abstinence and abstinence-only education - Journal of Adolescent ... - There is broad support for abstinence as a necessary and appropriate part of ... A recent emphasis on abstinence-only programs and policies appears to be. | ofConvert: abstinence abstinence-only adolescent education journal
20.PDF file Six-_and_Twelve-Month_Abstinence_Rates.pdf
Six- and Twelve-Month Abstinence Rates in ... - Schick Shadel - 12-month abstinence rates from alcohol and all mood-altering chemicals are ... aversion therapy for alcohol had higher alcohol abstinence rates at 6 and 12 ... | twelve-monthConvert: abstinence rates schick shadel six- twelve-month
21.PDF file Report_final_web.pdf
Sex Education in Texas Public Schools: - Texas Freedom Network - the abstinence-only sex education movement. Much of this reputation has been well-earned. Not only has. Texas received more federal abstinence-only dollars. | texasConvert: education freedom network public schools sex texas
22.PDF file grade-7-choosing-abstinence-lesson-1.pdf
Choosing Abstinence- Lesson 1 - Teaching Sexual Health - 1. W-7.14: Examine abstinence and decisions to postpone sexual activity as healthy choices. ... effective in helping young people to abstain discuss abstinence, ... | teachingConvert: abstinence- choosing health lesson sexual teaching
23.PDF file 57241.pdf
Abstinence, Be Faithful, and correct and consistent Condom use - Strategy as its starting point, this document provides further guidance on implementing the. “ABC” - Abstinence, Be Faithful, and correct and consistent Condom ... | useConvert: abstinence condom consistent correct faithful use
24.PDF file stanweed_abstinprogr[...]rs_sexinitiation.pdf
An Abstinence Program's Impact on Cognitive Mediators and Sexual ... - pact of an abstinence education program on sexual intercourse initiation and on possible cogni- tive mediators of sexual initia- tion for virgin seventh graders in. | sexualConvert: abstinence cognitive impact mediators program sexual
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