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1.PDF file fieldwkComplete.pdf
Folklife and Fieldwork - Library of Congress - During a July 1994 American Folklife Center field school project in San Luis,. Colorado, participants Laura Hunt (left) and Beverly Morris (right) interview rancher. | ofConvert: congress fieldwork folklife library
2.PDF file InterviewingGuide.pdf
Oral History Interviewing Guide - Smithsonian Center for Folklife and ... - FoLKLIFE AND ORAL HIsToRy. INTERvIEwING GUIDE by Marjorie Hunt www. Smithsonian Institution. Center for Folkife and Cultural Heritage. | smithsonianConvert: center folklife guide history interviewing oral smithsonian
3.PDF file EarlyHistory.pdf
to read a more extensive history of Northwest Folklife [pdf] - Northwest Folklife. Library of Congress - Local Legacies Project. Introduction. Northwest Folklife is one of the largest organizations in the country focusing on folk ... | toConvert: extensive folklife history more northwest pdf read
4.PDF file NWFolklifeFestival_PressRelease_March13.pdf
NWFolklifeFestival_PressRelease_March13 - Northwest Folklife - Media Contact: Ryan Davis, Northwest Folklife / (206) 684- 7043. The 42nd Northwest Folklife Festival. Features Dozens of Types of 'Folk' ... | nwfolklifefestivalpressreleasemarch13Convert: folklife northwest nwfolklifefestivalpressreleasemarch13
5.PDF file Smithsonian_Oral_History_Guide.pdf
Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History Interview Guide - Stories From ... - Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service. In conjunction with the Stories ... | storiesConvert: folklife from guide history interview oral smithsonian stories
6.PDF file TN Folklife Director Position.pdf
Folklife Program Director - - TENNESSEE ARTS COMMISSION. Folklife Program Director. Position Description. The Tennessee Arts Commission seeks a full-time Folklife Program Director. | tngovConvert: director folklife program tngov
7.PDF file folklife.pdf
LOUISIANA FOLKLIFE PROGRAM PROJECT FILES - LSU Libraries - Records of the Louisiana Folklife Program include correspondence, field recordings and ... Folklife Festival, folklife surveys of the state's regions and parishes,. | projectConvert: files folklife libraries louisiana lsu program project
8.PDF file Smith_american_0008N_10102display.pdf?sequence=1
PROGRAMMING THE SMITHSONIAN FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL ... - ABSTRACT. This work examines the Smithsonian Folklife Festival as a text for the enactment of national cultural policies and interests on an international stage. | theConvert: festival folklife programming smithsonian
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