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walt disney as the icon of the american popular culture - Isnawati Lydia Wantasen. Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia Abstract. Walt Disney is well-known widely  ... | waltConvert: american culture disney icon popular walt
2.PDF file G0344043.pdf
The Spreading Of Spodoptera litura Multiple ... - IOSR - polyhdrosis Virus). According to Asri & Isnawati (2005), SpltMNPV in 106 PIBs/ml (Polyhedra inclusion bodies/ml) concentrations is effective to control S. litura as ... | theConvert: iosr litura multiple spodoptera spreading
3.PDF file 06146157.pdf?arnumber=6146157
Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Spatial ... - IEEE Xplore - Risanuri Hidayat, Anggun Fitrian Isnawati. Electronic System Lab., Electrical Engineering and. Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering Gadjah. | xploreConvert: channel estimation ieee mimo-ofdm spatial xplore
4.PDF file FinalListofparticipants_EPPM_P1W2_noEmail.pdf
Preliminary List of Participants - CCOP - 26) MRS. ISNAWATI. LEMIGAS. 27) MS. KEN SAWITRI SULIYANDARI LEMIGAS . 28) IR. YUNAN MUDZAFAR. (SPEAKER). Head of New Acreage Preparation. | preliminaryConvert: ccop list participants preliminary
5.PDF file 158-CB419.pdf
Effect of Land Use on Ground Water Quality (A Case Study ... - ijbbb - Bawahab and Isnawati [14], manganese was dissolved in oxygen-poor surface water. Thus, higher concentration of manganese might indicate less oxygen in ... | waterConvert: case effect ground ijbbb land quality study use water
6.PDF file IIF-5_GadjahMada_Program.pdf
Conference Program click here to download full ... - Yale University - Jul 9, 2012 ... Narrative in Indonesia: Learning from. Syarikat Indonesia's Mediation Process. 4. Isnawati Lydia Wantasen. (Sam Ratulangi University) Moslem. | yaleConvert: click conference download full here program university yale
THE USE OF FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE IN CHARACTERIZATION ... - My father Agusrizal, my mother Isnawati, my brother Veby Ferdian, S.Pd ... Agusrizal and Isnawati who have supported her with love, spirit, and prayer in order. | useConvert: characterization figurative language use
8.PDF file ISEC2006_Programme.pdf
Programme Details - Natural Sciences and Science Education - Nov 7, 2006 ... Perceptions. 2. Darrell Fisher. Paper. TR 52. 1400 - 1700. Day 1 Tern Hui Kuan *. Teaching Science to Lower Primary. 2. Fitri Isnawati Yaacob. | sciencesConvert: details education natural programme science sciences
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