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1.PDF file tebiki_tebiki_eigo.pdf
Guidance of Procedure for JIS Mark Scheme - products specified in Division F Shipbuilding of Japanese Industrial Standards ( JIS F) which listed in. “attachment 1” dated 26 December 2005. According to the ... | schemeConvert: guidance jis mark procedure scheme
2.PDF file Deckside.pdf
Deckside - Fendercare - 31069 Deck Mounted Panama Chock to JIS F 2005 Standard. 31073 Deck Mounted Panama Chock to JIS F 2017 Standard. Nominal. Size. Dimensions ( mm). | fendercareConvert: deckside fendercare
3.PDF file Ship Deck Machines and Mooring.pdf
DECK MACHINE - ShipServ - JIS F 2005-1975. Panama Chocks (Type BC). JIS F 2017-1982. Inside length: 100mm-200mm. Inside height: 76mm~150mm. Height: 141mm~280mm. | shipservConvert: deck machine shipserv
4.PDF file jis.g.3507.2.e.2005.pdf
JIS G 3507-2: Carbon steels for cold heading -- Part 2: Wires - JSA 2005. JIS G 3507-2: 2005, First English edition published in 2005-05 .... f-. ~- --. SWCH6A. Process D: D. Aluminium -killed steel SWCH25K Process D: D. | wiresConvert: 3507-2 carbon cold heading jis part steels wires
5.PDF file jis.b.2408.e.2005.pdf
JIS B 2408: O-Rings: Quality Acceptance Criteria - JIS B 2408: 2005, First English edition published in 2006-08. Translated and published by: ..... coarser texture than the normal O-ring surface ~~~~ .. f~g~.~.~.~ 2. | qualityConvert: 2408 acceptance criteria jis o-rings quality
6.PDF file jis.g.3141.e.2005.pdf
JIS G 3141: Cold-reduced carbon steel sheet and strip - Reference number: JIS G 3141 : 2005 (E) ... Editor's notice: New JIS Mark Scheme went into effect on October 1st, 2005 ..... _kind_Qf.f>_t~_~lJJHmJJJ. | stripConvert: 3141 carbon cold-reduced jis sheet steel strip
7.PDF file JIS.X.6319-4.Sony.Felica.pdf
JIS - - Reference number : JIS X 6319-4 : 2005 (E). PROTECTED BY ...... f T 0 m .m d .iu d 2. m m w d m D. m m e c I a C .h C m Q m m as F. T w a t N. 1" ® ' A 4 i e m > ... | proxmarkorgConvert: jis proxmarkorg
8.PDF file Anewmethodtoevaluate[...]nsectScience2005.pdf
JIS: Posada 5.37.2005 - BioOne - Sep 24, 2004 ... 0.001), 48 hours (F = 62.2, df = 49, P= 0.001),. Journal of Insect Science | www. ISSN: 1536-2442. JIS: Posada 5.37.2005. 3 ... | posadaConvert: 5372005 bioone jis posada
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